About Proto Lam, LLC

Proto Lam, LLC was founded in 2017 with one purpose in mind: To produce high quality motor laminations in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. To us, Laminations are not just another metal stamping, they are our only product. We are committed to do whatever it takes to satisfy your most demanding requirements.


At Proto Lam, LLC, customer service often begins in the earliest stages of our customer's design process. With over 25 years combined experience in the manufacture of every type of lamination, we have the knowledge needed to offer motor designers in-depth engineering assistance. From helping with material specifications to advising on state of the art production options, our understanding of lamination design allows us to aid our customers during every phase of the development process. The result: High quality parts, reduced time to market, a better final product, and complete customer satisfaction.


Laminations come in a tremendous variety of sizes, materials, and configurations. From the beginning, we knew that in order to meet our customer's needs, flexibility was a key ingredient for success. Each employee and each piece of equipment was selected for their ability to contribute to responsiveness and quality performance. We are able to make laminations from under .375 inch to 36 inches in diameter. We have extensive experience with all lamination materials, from silicon steel to nickel and cobalt alloys.

Most common lamination materials are stocked, with sources for quick delivery available for other materials. Of course, insulator and end lamination materials are stocked as well. With the increased demand being placed on system performance, annealing is often a critical aspect of lamination production; we have proven, high quality vendors capable of providing optimum magnetic performance for all materials. Our innovative tooling designs, combined with in house EDM and toolmaking facilities, enable us to quickly produce low cost tooling of very high quality. Part tolerances and burr limits are equal to or better than those found on expensive, high production tooling. Although most of our laminations are made using the notch die method, we have made compound and progressive dies where order quantities justify the added tooling cost. We are willing and capable of doing whatever it takes to provide cost effective solutions to your lamination requirements.

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