Cold Rolled Motor Lam Steel (CRMLS)

Also called Cold Rolled Lamination Steel, this material is the lowest cost material for volume applications.  In terms of tonnage, this is probably the most common material in use today.  Ease of stamping and low tool wear help to contribute to the low cost of finished laminations.  Carbon steel should be considered for applications where relatively high core losses are acceptable (D.C. pole pieces, low duty cycles, etc.) and low first cost of the end unit is of primary importance.  This material is almost always annealed after stamping to develop optimum properties.  This adds little to the cost when done in a continuous furnace, and allows an oxide coat to be added to the surface to provide interlaminar resistance.  The heat treatment is somewhat critical, and the supplier should be consulted prior to specifying an annealing cycle.  When properly annealed, modern grades of Lamination Steel have core losses rivaling the lower grades of silicon steel.

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